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What if your child gets ill while staying at Carpe Diem?

When a child gets ill during her or his stay with us we always contact the parents. Usually we see a child that wants to sit on our laps, maybe is a bit tired despite a long sleep, we call the parents to say their child might be coming down with something and that I might be a good idea to pick up their child a bit early. When a child is really ill we call the parents and the child has to be picked up as soon as possible.

But when is a child ill?

We consider a child to be ill when the child is listless, passive, slow and obviously really wants to be with mommy or daddy. We consider a child with a fever can be ill, but doesn’t have to feel ill. A child’s temperature can vary a lot without the child feeling sick. Some children with fever do feel very passive and ill. Per child there can be a really big difference when or if the child feels ill and it can even vary per moment.

Our teachers look at every situation and every child separately. We are aware that fever usually goes up after noon and is highest between three and four o’clock in the afternoon. So if a child has a high temperature in the morning and the child is playful, we’ll call the parents with the request to pick up their child because we know the temperature will go up even higher after noon. If a child has a slight temperature in the morning and a bit higher temperature at three o’clock in the afternoon, and the child has no need to sleep anymore, we’ll call their parents to inform them but the child doesn’t need to be picked up directly (though most parents came early after we’ve called them). When we know a virus is going around in the Netherlands we are more careful. This doesn’t mean a child has to picked up earlier but after our call it gives parents time to call their general physician or pediatrician if they want to.

And what happens when a child has a childhood disease?

That’s no problem. Children with childhood diseases don’t necessarily feel ill and playing with other children usually makes them feel better because they forget their illness. A child who clearly has a childhood disease is already past the incubation period. In other words; the period in which the child can infect other children has already past. Therefor other children are already infected or have already had the disease. There are a couple of childhood diseases of which we know children who have symptoms can still be infectious. We don’t consider this a problem, since there is a big chance all the other children have already come in to contact with the disease. When a child has a childhood disease and the child feels really ill, of course we feel that the child should be with mommy or daddy.

Having doubts about your child’s illness and taking him or her to Carpe Diem?

Call us! Every situation is different and together we can decide if it is in your child’s best interest to be at Carpe Diem. Nine out of ten times you can bring your child to us, but then we have been able to make arrangements with you and we are able to keep a closer look at your child.


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