Contract changes

Need to change the specified days your child will attend?

When you have signed a contract for child-care, it can always be that there may be something that may need to be changed. For example, because this contract was drafted before your child was born and now fewer days child-care are needed, or if you move, or if you end up working different days than you had originally planned.

What to do to change the originally specified days.

If it is necessary to change a or all specified days in your contract, that is only possible if there is sufficient space on that given day. Please take this into consideration and be aware that you may end up on a waiting list.

A change in your contract is always possible, when there is sufficient space. However if you wish to cancel a day, you must give at least one months notice as you will be charged for this day regardless.

To clarify, even if your child has never been with us, you must cancel on time (one month in advance) or you will be charged.

Cancellation policy or contract changes.

If you want to cancel or change your contract this must be done in writing. Either by email ( or a letter from you.

Multiple changes in one year?

Of course it can happen that you want to change your contract more often. Of course this can, but every change demands administrative costs. The first change is free of charge but every change here after will incur a €10 fee.


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