The parental contributions are pre-charged.
The monthly amount is an average and is the same every month.
Carpe Diem is open the whole year through, except for three days for educational purposes.
These days will be announced at least two months in advance and are usualy between Christmas and New Year. However,
we are closed during national days.
The parental contributions must be met during the three days of closure and during all national holidays.
Extra days or extra hours (which are not listed on the contract) will be put on the next invoice.
When a child is picked up later than agreed in advance, we will charge higher rates; In such a case each additional half hour
costs € 8,17.
When we are asked, at least one day in advance, whether the child can be retrieved later and this is possible in our schedule, we will charge the normal rates. If a child is being picked up after 18:00 we will charge € 10, – per quarter.
The contract may be changed 1 time per year free of charge, at a second and subsequent modification we charge € 10, – administration costs. For each contract modification we consider one months’ notice.
Even if your child has never had daycare with us, you must cancel on time! Giving us notice can be done by email or by letter, and is only valid if you have received confirmation from us.
The daycare will automatically terminate when the child is four years.
We will end the contract on the day before the fourth birthday, unless you specify otherwise.    

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